Why hello hello. My tumbln was put on the back burner this semester, but now with it being summer I am officially back in action. I love writing, it’s apart of my career path and I’m delighted to get back into blogging. I lucked out and was able to kill two birds with one stone by instagraming and tumbln all at the same time, so I’m not too far behind schedule with photographs. But writing, I’m very far behind.

I went from being involved with my sorority 24/7 to the glorious life (insert sarcasm here) of an intern. I think it was good for me though, my school is insanely competitive and I needed to dive in and get some major experience under my belt so I can finish off my last year stronger than ever. I cannot tell you the amount I have learned at CBS, or how thankful and appreciative I am of that amazing newsroom. They honestly opened my little eyes to the wide world of television reporting and producing. And I’m proud to say- I’m in love.

Looking back at my college career, I have know clue how I ended up where I’m at today, but I’m so thrilled that life has lead me to this industry. It’s intense, competitive and cut throat but I am up for the challenge, and cannot wait. I think the part that has me so excited, is that I will get to creatively tell stories for the rest of my life. I get to meet people from all walks of life, and let their voices be heard. Happy girl right here. 

With senior year just around the corner, Zakary and I are both channeling in on our passions, which we’ve been anxiously waiting for. His medicine, mine broadcast. With internships and MCAT studying, finals and midterms, deadlines and thesis writing the two of us are racing to the finish line, and can’t wait to take graduation photographs together, for yet a second time. Senior year (more like senioritis) here we come!